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I'd say back to life as normal...

...but I'm not sure I'm going to be there for a few months yet. :)

Still, it's time for me to get back some of my routine. Stacks of laundry, new arrangements to be made regarding the move now that we have an address in CA, and general mommy/house stuff. I'm over my jet lag it seems; I forced myself to stay up last night until after 10pm, and then slept through until 7am this morning, so big yay for getting my body clock back on schedule.

Went to pick up the kids yesterday from the inlaws and when Mary, my mother-in-law, pulled out her calendar and asked about tentative dates for everything, she broke down again. She hates crying about it as much as I hate seeing it, but I'm going to be glad when we're past all this.

I'm way behind on my reading, so if I haven't left you feedback (or said thank you, especially to you, evenstar_estel), please know I'm doing my best to get caught up on that soon. I finally managed to clear out my e-mail last night---I went to bed last night with only 2(!!!) messages in my inbox---so I only have what I accumulated last night to do. I never thought I'd get done.

Oh! And ASH is going to be in Oakland now! I don't have to feel bad about missing him at MR now, so yay. :)

And is it sad I'm missing being online when so many on my friends list are online, too? I'd forgotten how much reading I have to do in the morning to get caught up, as opposed to just reading it in spurts through the day. Another thing CA is going to do for my schedule is make it easier to stay on top of things, I think. I much prefer doing things in small chunks scattered through the day, then in one huge chunk of time at the beginning. Especially LJ.

Ack. Laundry is calling my name. Everyone have a great day! :)

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