Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

You win some, you lose some

I lost a ton of writing time today, helping other people.

Alicia is a bridesmaid this summer. The bride is letting the girls pick their own dresses with a few guidelines - it has to be a specific color from David's Bridal, it has to be long, and it can't be shiny or lacy. Alicia picked a dress out, ordered it, and then when she got it, discovered it was poorly made and just awful. So she went looking for another dress on the site.

Turns out, 3/4's of the dresses in that particular color are not in stock and have to be special-ordered. Which means, a) they won't arrive until a week before the wedding and b) if it doesn't fit, she can't return it. DB only does store credit as refunds for dresses that were not final sale or special orders. It might not be as big of a problem as it is if she could walk into a DB store and buy one off the rack like 2 of the other bridesmaids did. She can't. The nearest store to her would cost her $60 to get to, and because she needs a larger size to accommodate her breasts, the odds of them having her size in that particular color actually in the store are slim to none. So we were scrambling for several hours this morning, trying to figure out what to do. It's still not sorted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed something happens soon because she is blaming herself for all of this and feels like she is letting the bride down, which is really, really, really not the case.

Then this afternoon, there were more interruptions as she wanted my opinion on some other things, then Craig needed a pep talk about stuff, so I'm probably lucky I got any writing done at all in the end.

The 2019-20 season was announced for the SHN - Broadway in San Francisco group that we have memberships to. I'm a little disappointed. They are only doing five shows with the membership instead of seven like this year, with the option to have early access to two shows instead of one. I'm not even excited about the majority of the shows they're offering.

HOWEVER, the second show is Sting in his musical, "The Last Ship." It was inspired by his album, "Soul Cages," which I have had memorized practically since it came out in 1991.

For the record, Sting is the musician I have seen the most in live performances, and I don't really do a lot of live concerts. I went to four of his between the ages of 19 and 25, because he was my absolute favorite artist ever for the longest time. He's still in the top 5. And I haven't seen him live in twenty years, so this would be WONDERFUL.

Craig says to just go for it. Especially since one of the shows we can get first access tickets to is "Book of Mormon" which is one of our favorite musicals. Craig's seen it three times now, but I've only ever seen it once. I'd love to see it again and have great seats.

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