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BtVS, S4 - A New Man

A decade ago (!), I started a Buffy rewatch where I was recording my favorite lines, moments, and observations about the individual episodes. I have been sporadically going back to read those and realized I only did it up through S4, "Doomed." Since Craig and I have now reached that point in our rewatch, I'm going to pick it up again. Because it makes me happy and I'll feel better having a complete set...even if they are ten years apart, lol.

A New Man

Favorite Lines
Walsh: We thought you were a myth.
Buffy: Well, you were myth-taken.

Willow: It stole Giles' car!
Xander: Why would a demon steal a car?
Anya: Why would a demon steal that car?

Buffy: Uh-oh, you have but-face.

Favorite Moments
Giles demanding Spike stop the car so he can go scare Maggie. I laugh hysterically throughout that whole bit.

Revelations as I watch
1. Magical light. The room was dark while Riley and Buffy were making out, then suddenly her lamp is on when Willow bursts through the door. Is it like clap-on/clap-off except with kissing? Now there's a concept.
2. I winced at Riley's suggestion that Giles is retired. Poor Giles. He's not nearly that old. Younger than me now, actually. Which makes me a little sad. And feel really old.
3. Man, I am identifying way too much with Giles in this episode.
4. Buffy's punning still makes me giggle.
5. I really don't like Maggie. I never have. Even when she's being inviting to Buffy (before everything goes to hell), she's such a bitca.
6. The bright pink of Buffy's bag strap seems more Willow-like than Buffy-like.
7. As if I needed more reason to hate Maggie. Her condescending attitude toward Giles is infuriating.
8. Giles would've totally seen through Maggie as being just as wrong as the Council in how she views Buffy if she hadn't made the bitchy comment about Buffy's lack of a father figure. And you just know she did it on purpose.
9. Giles has every right to be annoyed about being kept in the dark. Seriously. Spike knew about Riley before he did.
10. Ethan is always entertaining.
11. All I can think while Buffy and Riley are sparring is that I wished she started kicking his ass from the start. Because you know this was all his idea. She shouldn't have to hold back just to protect his ego.
12. The make-up on Giles' Fyarl visage is so well done.
13. Buffy should've listened to Willow's words of advice about holding back sooner rather than later.
14. Spike the charmer. I just wish they'd been consistent in how Spike interacts with people outside the Scoobies.
15. Suddenly, without Giles in the car, Spike doesn't have problems with the Citroen. Makes me think he was just messing with Giles.
16. Why on earth did Ethan turn him into a Fyarl in the first place?
17. It's Disco Giles!
18. Riley is lying through his teeth when he claims to like Buffy being in charge.
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