Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

All I want is a Wispa

We had another early morning for a winter guard competition, though not quite as early as last week. We had to drive to Sacramento again, and because we got a bit more sleep last night, we headed out to our favorite candy store after the competition. They do specialty candy, and we've always been able to get imported British chocolate there. Not so today. Apparently, they haven't been able to get any for the past couple months. Which sucks. I'm going to blame Brexit.

But Alex's team had an excellent performance today and managed to get 4th in their novice division. I'm insanely proud of them, though judges scores still confound me. Their movement scores were actually tied with the team who came in second, which is a huge improvement for them. That's always been their weakness. But the judge responsible for general effect scored them low, and our coach can't figure out why.

There's only one competition left for the year, and I'm sad I'm going to miss it. It's the day of our final dress rehearsal for the festival, unfortunately. But Alex is okay with it since I've seen all their performances so far, and I got their best one on video today.

On a completely different note, where do Spuffy people congregate these days? I know there's Elysian Fields. There's the posting at seasonal_spuffy. Is there anywhere people talk about what they're posting? Or other places in general?

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