Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Down the Spuffy spiral

Buffy seems to be taking over my life. Craig said this afternoon we'd take a break tonight from watching, but when we sat down after dinner, "just to watch one episode," he changed his tune.

"One more."

That became the refrain for the next couple hours. We'll easily finish S2 tomorrow night and get onto S3.

It's sparking so much. I took a chance and signed up for a slot on seasonal_spuffy. One of my auction winners from Fandom Trumps Hate wants a Spuffy story, so there will be that coming. I'm going to buckle down and finish "Razing the Veil" over at Elysian Fields. I wish I could finish "A Soul to Seduce," but I lost that outline and all my notes about it in a computer crash ages ago, and I sincerely doubt I could recreate them.

So I spent time tonight brainstorming, both for the dark carnival theme for Seasonal Spuffy and the adventure story my auction winner would like. I do know that one is likely to be set in between S4 and S5, but the real trick will be keeping it contained to something under 40k. Plotty and short do not go hand in hand for me.

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