Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My thoughts on Hamilton

So...Hamilton. I'm going to admit, I only knew a bit of the music going in. I was never driven to hear the whole soundtrack. So really, I watched it with very fresh eyes. A good portion of the audience were clearly Hamilton lovers already and cheered at various points in the performance that only they would. Like when Hamilton first comes out on stage.

We did love it, but it wasn't perfect. The actress playing Eliza was the weakest of the female performers, and frankly, I found the character so insipid for much of the production that when she finally got interesting in the last ten minutes, it was too late for me to get truly moved by it all. The actress playing Angelica was much stronger, both vocally and performance-wise.

I also had a minor problem with the sound mixing. I love clever lyrics, but as someone not familiar with the entire score, I couldn't hear a portion of the faster songs because the orchestration was just a little too loud or the audience was reacting in ways that obscured actually listening to it.

The rest of the cast was uniformly strong. The actors playing Burr, Lafayette/Jefferson, and King George were particularly outstanding. Burr brought the house down with "The Room Where It Happens," but it was the lanky Simon Longnight who played Lafayette/Jefferson who was the unanimous favorite when we walked out of the theater. His voice wasn't necessarily the strongest, but his physical commitment to the two roles was top-notch and he stole every scene he was in.

If I have to pick the one thing that entranced me the most, it was the choreography. I was absolutely enthralled with all of it, how innovative a lot of it was, how fascinating. Sometimes I got lost in it, feeling like I was moving along with them. That doesn't happen to me very often. It might be because I've been in director mode for the past few weeks, working through the blocking for our little play. If so, I'm not going to argue. It felt like I watched the show with brand new eyes.

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