Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

LJ Book Bingo - Book 8

TITLE: From Out in the Cold
DATE FINISHED: February 21
BLURB: Neil Dalton’s foundation is already cracking. Grief, guilt, and PTSD have ruled his life since a terrible crime tore his world apart last year, and he’s dreading a holiday visit with the family he simultaneously needs and resents. Then someone from his past shows up and rattles that shaky foundation right out from under him.

First a war nearly destroyed Jeremy Kelley, then his family threw him out when he needed them the most. Now he’s barely holding on emotionally. He spends his last dollar to get to Chicago and prays his former best friend won’t leave him out in the cold.

Neil and Jeremy spend the holidays with Neil’s family in their hometown of Omaha. They struggle to deal with families, flashbacks… and feelings that haven’t even begun to fade since their last failed attempt at more than friends. As they try to repair their fractured psyches and rebuild damaged bridges, they rely on each other more than ever, but they can’t deny the mutual attraction that’s existed since before they were both emotionally battered and scarred. If they couldn’t make it work back then, how in the world can they pull it off now?

REVIEW: I can usually expect a solid read from this author, but sometimes, she gets mired in too much sex, and more rarely, she rushes her endings. Unfortunately, this one suffered from both. Don't get me wrong. I like a hot scene as much as the next person. But in this particular case, with two very damaged men, sex is the last thing they need. Then, once they do have sex, their problems seem to resolve too easily and quickly. That took away from the care she took establishing their problems in the first place, something she did very well. She's married to someone in the military, and her firsthand knowledge works to her advantage. Jeremy's PTSD is very well done. I just wish the second half of the book held up to the first half.

SQUARE: Diverse Reads
Tags: ljbookbingo

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