Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Playing in Buffy's world


But damn, today was so much fun. We had a few no-shows for the Buffy RPG, so we started with only 4 people. The newbie wanted to be Spike, and the other guy wanted to be Giles, so my friend (who did it last year with me) and I played Buffy and Willow, respectively. SO FUN. I did much better this year with Willow because the DM actually had more of the RPG books, including one that was just about spells. So I literally spent time within our game doing research on magic, lol.

And poor Spike. Our Big Bad was this bug demon that was attracted to red, shiny things, and since it was attacking people, I suggested dressing Spike up in shiny red and using him as bait. So Giles put him in this shiny red track suit and wrapped Christmas lights around him, lol. Then later, when we found the entrance to the demon's lair, it happened to be a massive hole in the ground where we couldn't see the bottom. I inadvertently joked we should drop Spike in to see how deep it was, and before I knew it, Giles pushed him in. The guy who was playing Spike kept telling me, "Why do you hate me so much?!?" It was fun. :)

I also got to play a lot with fire spells and an unexpected Oz who showed up halfway through the game because he decided he wanted to win Willow back. Which was horribly awkward because Willow was already with Tara, and every time I turned around, Oz was there with, "I defend Willow," "I help Willow," "I buy Willow a drink."

All that just added more layers to an already fun experience.

Of course, it just makes me wish I had people around me to play Buffy more often. Someone suggested a site called Roll 20, which I might investigate. It allows people from all over play in a single game online. Before I do that, though, I want to find the rest of the RPG books. I only have the original core rulebook, which is fine but pretty basic.

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