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LJ Book Bingo - Book 5

TITLE: PsyCop Briefs: Volume 1
AUTHOR: Jordan Castillo Price
BLURB: Victor Bayne sees dead people for a living…and he sees them off the clock, too. After all, ghosts don’t confine their appearances to a psychic medium’s work hours.

From the macabre to the mundane, from titillating to tender, these PsyCop shorts feature stolen moments between the novels. Get a glimpse of Vic’s life with Jacob between cases, from both men’s viewpoints. Gain new insight on their psychic talents by accompanying them on odd jobs, shopping runs and family visits, or simply enjoy some downtime in the cannery.

The twenty short works range in length from flash fiction to novelettes, woven together to create a novel-length narrative of Vic and Jacob’s relationship from a fresh perspective. The stories are gleaned from various sources: anthologies, newsletters, and web, with four all-new pieces to tie the collection together and delve deeper into your favorite PsyCops' domestic life.

REVIEW: The last available published book about Vic and Jacob. It's a collection of all the shorts stories and novellas that Price wrote over the course of the series, combined into a single volume. I saved this for last because I knew it encompassed the breadth of the series, and I don't like being spoiled. It was well worth the wait. Some of them were merely excuses for smut for these two, but there were a couple longer stories--multi-chaptered novellas--that more than made up for it. Plus, there were a couple from Jacob's perspective, one from Crash's, and even one from Lisa's. Now I'm in a waiting game to see if she ever publishes more in this series.
SQUARE: Free Space
Tags: ljbookbingo

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