Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A day of distractions

Today, I took Craig and Alex to a fundraiser showcase that the theater group I'm involved with held. It wasn't too bad for local talent, though I seriously don't understand the fascination with some of the performers. For instance, there's one teenaged boy who was wanted by two other directors for their plays. He has a nice enough singing voice, but his acting seems to have only two ranges - either melodramatic (like bad musical theater) or dull. And he performed way too much today.

They announced next year's season, too. Their first production in the fall is a comedy with a cast of five women, all in their 40s. There is no way I'm not auditioning for it.

We ended up going out for dinner afterward instead of making the chicken I'd planned. That recipe will have to wait. Getting treated with a meal out was a good enough trade, lol.

Going out helped take my mind off Alicia. My baby is sick. She texted me at lunch to say she had a fever of 101, but not to worry. Which only made me worry. I called and made sure she was taking something, then had her give me her roommate's number so I could text her. Thankfully, roommate is an absolutely sweetie and very much a caretaker, so she's going to keep an eye on her for me. I have a feeling Alicia has caught the flu that felled both this roommate and a boy they spend a ton of time with who was sick last week. She doesn't want to hear that because she doesn't want to miss classes, but honestly, her health comes first and I made sure I told the roommate that.

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