Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Callbacks were tonight. I didn't end up getting cast in anything, but I'm more than okay with that. In one of the plays, the director decided to go a different direction with the part I was up for, and in the others, both directors went older. One of them came up to me afterward and said I was great, but he had his heart set on this person for the younger role, and there was literally no way I could've played her mother. Which I knew as soon as he said he wanted her. But I was happy with how I did, and it makes total sense why I wasn't cast so no bad feelings.

Plus! I got my first choices for both of the parts in my show. I got surprised tonight by a man who couldn't come in for the auditions, but he's friends with the artistic director so she told him to come tonight. He blew me away. I could've easily gone with my second choice (who had been my first choice from auditions), but I'm so glad I got my first. And the woman I cast came as a surprise to me, too. She had been my second (a somewhat distant second) choice coming into tonight, but then she turned it around. And the woman who'd been my first choice just didn't dazzle me like she did before.

We got the confirmation emails out tonight, and my guy already wrote back with a note that said mine was the one he was hoping for, so I'm just waiting for my actress to say yes, too. Rehearsals will probably start after the beginning of February. I'm so in love with this play. I can't wait to have other people fall in love with it, too.

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