Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A brighter day

Well, my audition didn't suck as badly as I thought. I got called back for three of the plays, two of which I'd read for. It still doesn't mean a whole lot - almost everyone who auditioned got called back - but it eases my mind about how awful I thought I was. They wouldn't be wasting time if there was no hope, lol.

Callbacks are Sunday night, and I have all the scripts so I have time to read them over a few times before then. It's not an advantage. Everybody has access to the scripts if they bothered to download them from the audition page. But I've always preferred cold readings to prepared monologues so I'm confident I'll be far more comfortable.

Another bright spot? My favorite guy from the auditions is only up for one other play. So odds are very good I can get him without fighting anyone for him if he's got decent chemistry with any of the women.

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