Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Movie day

Last fall, the oldest daughter of our friends we celebrate Thanksgiving with moved in with us so she could finish her final year of nursing school. Her family had moved down to Irvine in the spring, and rather than transfer and lose credits, she took our offer to stay with us. She was only with us a couple months before her program ended, but today, she came back for her final semester. She's probably going to be here until July when she gets married. It was helpful to have her around right after Alicia had gone off. In many ways, she's a surrogate daughter to me. I just love her to pieces, so it's good to have her back.

Craig wanted to watch movies today, so we went political. First, we watched BlackKKlansman, which we both loved. I usually prefer Spike Lee's earlier work, but this really worked for me, in spite of some of his heavy-handedness. I hadn't realized until very recently that John David Washington was Denzel Washington's son, and now I can't believe I never saw it. Also, I might be getting a little obsessed with Adam Driver. We went classic after that - All the President's Men. I haven't seen it in a few years, and it's fascinating watching it in the context of our current political climate.

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