Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It could only get better

Today was better. I didn't sleep great, but that was because of my hip and not because of dreams. I can deal with that, as much as the pain sucks. We spent the morning cleaning, then pretty much took the rest of the day off. Alex was out for the afternoon with his friends, so I caught up on stuff from the DVR. The point was to try and get as much stuff as possible so I don't feel guilty about bingeing "Grace and Frankie" tomorrow, lol.

I was hoping to get some writing done today, but then I saw this article and got depressed about the futility of it all again, so nope, I crocheted instead. It was infinitely more relaxing. Now that Alicia has gone back, I've switched to finishing up a quilt that I promised someone. It's turning out quite nicely, even if it's taking me forever.

And now I'm off to update my Passion Planner for next week. What an exciting Saturday night. :)

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