Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Even for a Friday, it sucked

I woke up this morning from bad dreams, seething with anger from what was happening in them, and it pretty much has colored my whole day. I've been warning people left and right to steer clear. They might lose a body part.

Two days ago, I scratched my soft palate on something I ate. It's been killing me. Today was a little better, but still not fun.

It also looks like Alex and his girlfriend are over. She *still* hasn't told him what's going on, but he had two friends tell him this week, and then he witnessed it at school. He didn't get a chance to talk to her, but he refuses to do it over the phone. He thinks that's too disrespectful. He was supposed to talk to her tonight at guard practice, but she didn't show. I think she's too afraid. He's actually dealing with it very well. He's just incredibly frustrated that she didn't tell him herself. He said he's hoping they can at least be friends when all is said and done, but that choice will be mostly on her. He has no illusions that they'll get back together, but it will depend on how she views it all.

Also, in my bad mood today, I missed seeing a very large curb when I was out running errands and ended up going over it very roughly. Craig thinks the car is fine but it's going in next week for a check-up anyway. We'll find out then if I mucked something up.

Craig did his best to cheer me up by getting me butter chicken from our favorite Indian place tonight so I didn't have to fix my own dinner. I gave him permission to not feel guilty about ignoring me for the rest of the night while he plays games. I'm not good company anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I hate it when my dreams mess up my day like this.

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