Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

LJ Book Bingo - Book 2

TITLE: Skin After Skin (PsyCop Book 8)
AUTHOR: Jordan Castillo Price
BLURB: Fierce. Audacious. Independent. Curtis Ash can’t be bothered to settle down. He’s too busy enjoying his cushy job as a high-paid stylist, caught in a whirlwind of hookups, parties, and obscenely priced cocktails.

The only snarl in an otherwise charmed life is the salon’s hotshot colorist, Red Turner. Not only does Red put the whammy on customers and rake in all the big tips, he’s oblivious to Crash’s flirtation. But there will be plenty of time to win him over…so Crash thinks.

Thanks to his refusal to trust his gut, Crash not only tanks his career—he allows the one man who truly holds his interest to slip away. While he insists he doesn’t need a relationship to complete him, would sharing his life with someone really be so bad?

REVIEW: The PsyCop series has been around for a while, but I only got around to starting it last fall. This one isn't about the main couple, but instead about a secondary character, where he comes from, and what the first seven books look like (kind of) from his perspective. I was insanely curious about this one, and though it wasn't what I expected, I enjoyed it. Crash is a very colorful character in the series, and this fleshes him out a lot. Unfortunately, it also spends waaaaay too much time setting up the one who got away without making that elusive man really seem worth it. I just didn't get what the big deal was with Red, and why Crash would be so hung up on him. I did enjoy seeing the primary couple from his perspective, though, especially through other secondary characters that pop up. It didn't tarnish my opinion of them (though I can see from some reviews, it did for others). A worthwhile addition to the PsyCop universe, though hardly a necessary one.
SQUARE: A book that is part of a series (4+ books)
Tags: ljbookbingo

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