Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Three days and counting

Alicia goes back to DC on Sunday. Nobody really wants her to go. Including her.

I don't think she's unhappy at GW. On the contrary, when she's in the thick of things, she loves it. I'm pretty sure it's the reality of having to fend 100% for herself that she's still not adjusted to, as well as not being surrounded by her "things." Her room doesn't look that much different when she's not here, because she had to pack so light for moving across the country for college. And I think the familiarity of it all, as well as the absence of 75% of her responsibilities, makes her want to stay home. I wonder if maybe if I shouldn't have spoiled her as much as I did while she's been home, but I still wouldn't have changed it. Life is rough enough. I want to spoil my kid and ease some of the pressure in the brief times I get her.

Tomorrow, she's going in with Craig to his office in San Bruno to work as an intern for the day. Really, it's mostly a networking opportunity. Then she and Craig will go see "Come From Away" in San Francisco tomorrow night. Originally, I was the one supposed to go with Alicia, but when this opportunity for her came up, it made more sense for Craig to go. Alex has both Odyssey of the Mind practice and winter guard practice tomorrow, and one of us has to be here to do the driving since he can't drive on his own yet.

The plus side of all that is I have the house entirely to myself all day tomorrow. That's always nice. :)

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