Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Bit by bit

Hey! Three days in a row of posting!

Bit by bit, I'm getting into a routine. With all the gift writing I did in December, I realized how much I missed it. 2018 was not a productive year for me. So I started in today on my goal of doing 1k/day. I hit it easily, which was a relief. Sometimes I think I'm just done when it comes to writing. It'll be a test to see if I can keep it up. It's an easy goal, comparatively speaking, and if I'm not knocking myself out to make larger goals, maybe my muse won't hate me so much.

I also started in on making a minions cap for Alicia. I've been teaching myself crocheting over the past year, but everything has been blankets and scarves so far. This is my first project with a magic ring, and it's not too bad. It's not error-free, but they aren't glaring mistakes. I would've restarted it, but I'm on a countdown now. Alicia leaves in a week, and I want to make sure it's done in time for her packing.

We had some drama yesterday afternoon. The weather has been beautiful, so Alex went across the street to the park to practice for rifle auditions for color guard when school starts back up next week. Somebody called the cops on him and said there was a teenaged boy playing with a black rifle around small children (because there were some kids at the play area).

So a cop stopped by and talked to him. Needless to say, someone was just being overzealous. Alex's rifle for color guard is a solid block of wood (not to mention royal blue, not black), and he was practicing well out of the way of anyone getting hurt from an errant toss. Luckily, the policeman who stopped by had been in honor guard so understood what Alex was doing right away. Ultimately, no harm, no foul.

Alex has decided he'll only be practicing in the back yard from now on.

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