Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

It's good to be back

Hello, 2019.

We have been wonderfully quiet and peaceful since Christmas. Once the crush was past, everybody just took it easy. Of course, that means we're being very lazy about not taking down decorations yet, but honestly, I think we needed this. We will slowly ramp up to our regular schedules by the weekend.

I did a ton of Yuletide reading. I got Reboot #333: Man's Best Friend, a fic for The Good Place which was funny and charming. I wrote a fic for Logan Lucky called Portable Magic. This was one of those movies I discovered this past year and fell a little in love with, so it was an absolute joy to write some backstory for Clyde.

I fell in love with six stories, though.

1. I happen to love you: Mary Poppins, Bert/Mary Poppins. Mary and Bert over the years.

2. Be good to me ('cause I give everything): Schitt's Creek, Patrick/David. Patrick makes observations about David, who is surprisingly, very domestic.

3. A Clean Slate or, Why Cursing in Class Is Wrong and I Won't Do It Again: Calvin & Hobbes. Susie thinks middle school is her chance to start over, but Calvin may interfere with her plans.

4. Want What You Wish For: The Good Place, Tahani/Eleanor. Eleanor glances up into the tree. "Be cool," she whispers, though she's pretty sure that cats hating her is a universal constant.

Or, how Tahani and Eleanor ended up in bed, iteration #333

5. Same Old Song and Dance: The Good Place. “This is the Bad Place!” she says. And just like that, the concert he’s spent ages setting up comes crashing down; the violins screech to a halt, the soprano sings, the curtain comes down, and Michael’s hand goes up. First, he was pissed, then he was maudlin.

Now, he’s almost amused by his part in this whole, doomed concerto.

6. Keep Swinging: A League of Their Own. The Evelyn Gardner Story

I got a Passion Planner from Alicia for Christmas, and I've penciled in updating LJ on my evening schedule. The goal is to get back into the habit, with my new planner to aid in the process. So far, I'm right on track. :)
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