Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'm sure I'll catch up sooner or later

I'm currently buried and still trying to get myself out. Last week, I baked for three days and prepared a dozen raffle baskets for our concert on Thursday night, then Alex's 17th birthday party was Friday night, and then on Saturday night was the Christmas party I threw at home for our friends. This week, I've been writing like a madwoman to get all my Christmas fics done, all because Alicia is currently on a flight home for the holidays and I wanted to have the bulk of the work done before she gets here. But all of this means my Christmas prep isn't done. There are still gifts to be purchased, most of them to be wrapped, and a meal plan to figure out. I'm doing my best not to think about it just yet, but time is running out.

We're solving the gift thing by heading out the whole day on Friday. We're driving to our favorite mall/shopping center in Sacramento at Craig's request. He associates the holiday with crowded malls, and after growing up with Lakeside (and later Bluewater when we lived there), he swears up and down that no American mall could ever be insane. He's partially right, but still, it's going to be crowded. Hopefully we can get it all done.

I've had good news in the past week, though. First of all, I made the list of directors for the short play festival next March. I'm so excited about it. She's sending out the play options in batches, and it's first come/first serve on what we get, but we're only allowed to send our choices once she's sent them all out. So far, there's one that I absolutely love, but I'm torn. Since the plays are so short, directors are allowed to audition, too, and frankly, the one I love, I'd love to *be in* even more. I guess we'll see what the other plays are like.

The other good news--my health. The added allergy medicine has made a huge difference. Giving up coffee to help with the silent reflux has been tough, but I'm dealing. The fact that I don't feel like I'm choking all the time, and that my breathing seems to be clearing up more, is worth it.

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