Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Where has this month gone already?

Yesterday, I was a mess. I did everything I could to stay away from news and social media, but it didn't completely work. I just couldn't have a repeat of what happened in 2016. Which was awful.

At the end of the day, I always knew getting the Senate probably wouldn't happen, and really, getting control of the House is a very good thing. But then the news today with Sessions and Jim Acosta and Trump is such an awful, awful human being's so hard not to be depressed about it all even more.

Otherwise, I've been buried in band booster stuff. I'm trying so hard to get fundraising into place so that future boards don't have to go through what we did, but it's exhausting. Especially since this community hates giving money for ANYTHING. There are so many movies I want to see but I just don't have the time right now. Or next week. And then it's Thanksgiving which is pretty much a weeklong thing.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have recipe testing to do before too much longer. Our Friday night meal is Thai this year, and I volunteered to make pad thai, which I've never done before. I'm also in search of a recipe to do in my Instant Pot as a side dish for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm leaning toward some kind of bean recipe, but who knows. I just can't do potatoes (sweet or white), brussels, parsnips, green beans, corn, or cabbage since those are already being done as other dishes. Which doesn't leave much. And yes, we have a lot of food, lol.

Oh, and I just realized I have to write my fic for the Pendragons Merlin Anniversary Festival so it's ready for the 21st. Where has this month gone already?

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