Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A busy weekend

For our last anniversary, Craig and I bought ourself memberships to SHN, which gets us tickets to seven shows in San Francisco this upcoming season. Friday night was our first show - Miss Saigon. I haven't seen it since college and Craig saw it once in his early 20s in London. It was a strong production with some amazing voices, but I'll be honest, it's never been my favorite show. I have never bought the so-called tragic romance. I dislike Chris intensely. I hate the messaging. Craig literally laughed out loud at Chris's line about having to do good because he's American. I was excited going in to see it - mostly because I love live theater and I don't see nearly enough of it - and I'm glad I've seen it as an adult with more experience behind me, but never again. And I won't encourage my kids to see it, either. There are much better shows out there for them to experience.

Then yesterday was our last marching band competition. The weather was beautiful and the kids did great. Our drum major came in 3rd in her category, and the band itself got 3rd in their division. By the time we got home around 5, we had decided we needed a musical theater night. Alex's girlfriend came over and because she had only ever seen the movie version of Into the Woods, we sat and watched the Broadway show with Bernadette Peters and the original cast. Which we know by heart. Man, I love that show so much.

Today, I had a hair appointment that had been rescheduled twice already. I needed to freshen my color, but I decided to chop it off at the same time.



I love it so much.

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