Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Trying not to crumble

In the wake of the shooting threats last week, my community is still wound tight. They haven't caught the person responsible. Odds of them doing so are slim. Still, some parents are refusing to send their kids back to school until someone is apprehended, as well as continuing to badmouth the administration and all the teachers. The entire environment is becoming toxic. It's exhausting.

Still, I'm taking my good whenever I can. It's the only way not to crumble under the weight of all the local and national news. After a slew of applications, I managed to get our boosters into the system at Amazon as a registered non-profit for their Amazon Smile program, which is a huge boon in terms for us in regards to fundraising. Plus, I got it done in time for Christmas shopping, which had been my primary goal.

I've had a couple really long conversations with Alicia over the past couple days. We Skyped for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon to go over all the propositions on the ballots before she figured out how she wanted to vote. All of her friends didn't understand why voting should take so long until she explained our ballot was twelve pages long. They refused to believe her until she showed them, lol.

Today, I found out she's going to look into doing pep band. She went to a game the other night and practically started crying when the pep band began to play. It's the first time in seven years she hasn't been part of a band, and she misses it terribly. She has to work out the logistics, though. Rehearsals overlap with her RHA programming committee meetings. Plus, she has sixteen credits this semester and is treasurer of her dorm. The overscheduling has already begun.

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