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I am now *finally* online with this laptop. Finally. So all you wonderful people who've been so patient about me responding to your e-mails, prepared to be responded to some time in the next hour. I've only got an hour because then I have to leave for my first recon of areas where we're going to be living, but hey, it's a start, right?

I also got my first update of the week up for people. It's chapter 11 of Promise of Frost. There should be a Legions chapter tomorrow, and then at least 1 more update---most likely another Legions chapter---later this week. Potentially 2. Depends on how the househunting goes. I'd like to say 2, but we leave early Saturday for the UK, so if something happens and I don't get it done, I don't want people to be disappointed because they were expecting it.

And I want to say thank you to whoever nominated Frost over at Lost in Spike, and whoever nominated my website too. Those came as a lovely surprise, especially since nobody's ever nominated the site before. Kind of put a halt on the updating the layout of it (for no iframes and much cleaner navigation, I think) until the winners are announced, but what a lovely reason to have to wait. :) So again, thank you.

Hope you like the chapter. :)

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