Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Our world is a scary, scary place

Apparently, this is the week for high school stress.

Today, almost two-thirds of the students didn't go into school because of a snapchat threat made about shooting it up. The school made calls at 7am to alert parents, then had police presence there all day as well as locked gates. The threats are being made from a dummy account, so the FBI has been brought in to try and figure out who it is because our small local police force has absolutely no training in internet crimes.

The community is in an uproar. Most of the parents I know didn't let their kids go in. I wasn't up yet when the call came in so Craig told Alex about it. Alex had to take the PSAT today so opted to go in. He said when he came home he felt perfectly safe. I have no idea how valid that response is. He lives in a bubble, that kid.

Craig woke me up at 7:25am because two friends of mine were blowing up my phone with texts and he didn't know my code to unlock it. The problem was, he woke me up out of a nightmare. At that exact moment in my dream, I was tied to a chair, being forced to watch someone torture Alex in an attempt to get some sort of important information from him. So when Craig woke me our of that to tell me he let Alex go to school when there was a shooting threat, I completely cracked. I was sobbing and panicked for a solid fifteen minutes after waking up because the emotions were such a jumble. I apologized to him later, and in all honesty, once I heard the lengths the authorities were going to protect the school, I wasn't nearly as worried, but it was not a good morning.

They still don't know who it is. He's made another threat about there being an announcement at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Frankly, I think it's just some kid who's getting off on all the attention, but it's still a little scary. However, the school has said that police presence will remain at the school until he's identified, which is reassuring.

Oh, but something else we found out today? This same account was being used early this year to harass teenaged girls, threatening to rape them. The kids have been great about turning the threats over to authorities, at least. If only the authorities were quicker about identifying who it is.

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