Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Wanted: New hips

I. Am. Exhausted.

Friday night was our last home football game before playoff season, which translates into me on my feet from 4-10pm, getting stuff ready before the game, making sure the pep band is watered and fed during the game, then helping to clean up afterward.

But then, we had to turn around and get up this morning at 6am to get on the road for an all-day band competition in Santa Cruz. Last year it rained. This year, the skies were clear, but got up to almost 80 degrees. With the kids in their heavy uniforms, and so much work to do, I pretty much didn't stop moving and sweating until 3pm. By that point, my hips were killing me. The osteoarthritis in both my hips has advanced badly in the past eighteen months, and not being able to sit for a few minutes really takes its toll. I can stay active all day without getting debilitated if I have to, but it's provided I can break it up appropriately. Even just ten minutes an hour can make a huge difference. Not today. I hobbled around for an hour at the very overcrowded boardwalk before heading home. I've been ensconced on the couch ever since we got home three hours ago.

Tomorrow, we don't have to go anywhere, thank goodness. I have a ton of stuff I have to do around the house, though, so hopefully I'm not in too much pain.

You know what's motivation to move more to try and lose weight, though? Random candids other parents took of you during the day from your least flattering angles. :P

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