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Well, my laptop still isn't online. Craig's getting the card I need from a guy at the office today, so hopefully I should be on myself by lunchtime *fingers crossed*. In the meantime, I'm stealing time on his computer since he's in the pool this morning before his breakfast meeting. So if you've e-mailed and I haven't responded yet, that's why.

And just because I'm so damn amused at my own head sometimes...

This was the dream I had Saturday night. I wrote it down to share yesterday, but my computer woes distracted me from it. Not NC-17, but weird enough that I wanted to share.

William (not Spike, let’s make this perfectly clear) is dating Fantasia Berrino (yes, the American Idol contestant, so shoot me; I adore her and think she’s incredibly talented), much to both families’ consternation (OK, yes, I’d read a Romeo & Juliet parody earlier that day). Fantasia gets kidnapped, and William hires me to help them find her.

William follows his own leads, but asks me to work with his brother Spike so that he can be kept in the loop. Spike and I fight from the first time we meet, and he is constantly doing things to aggravate me (including a spontaneous rendition of “Play That Funky Music White Boy” in the middle of the redneck fishing tackle shop I’ve tracked one of my leads to). Way too much happens, including a) a literal roll in the hay when we’re forced to hide in a barn loft when Farmer Joe shows up with his shotgun wondering who is trespassing on his pig farm, b) pretending to get shot in order to fool someone who is chasing us and freaking Spike out in the process, and c) a car chase across the muddiest field I’ve ever seen, in a car without any doors.

By the end of the dream, Spike and I have come to a sort of respectful truce, until I actually find Fantasia. Turns out, she was kidnapped under Spike’s orders, to prove to the families the seriousness of her relationship with William. I’m pissed as hell, and then find out who did the actual kidnapping.

Ready for this?

Starsky and Hutch.

Not the Ben and Owen redux. The original Starsky and Hutch.

Only in my weird imagination.

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