Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Craig gets home tomorrow night. It can't come soon enough. I don't know what it is about this particular trip, but we've both been missing the other more than normal. He's been sending me random Skype messages, saying that and how he wishes he was home, which is very much not his usual modus operandi. He tends to get pretty wrapped up in work, and he'll say things like that when we're in conversation but not completely unsolicited and when I'm not even around.

I do wonder if my missing him more than usual is about this week being so busy or perhaps a reaction to the realization that my kids might be gone soon. Alicia goes off to college in a year and a half. Eighteen months. Odds are very good she'll leave the state, too. And I'm missing her already. Alex is only two years after that, though I have a feeling he'll either go to Berkeley or Stanford. He's not as driven to be on his own as Alicia is.

Speaking of Alex, he just got back the results of a nationwide math test. Top students in high schools across the country took this test apparently. Alicia took it, too, but they both walked out of the test knowing they didn't do great. There was a ton of stuff on it that neither one of them have been exposed to yet. That being said, Alex still managed to score in the top 45% in the country, and he had the highest score for the freshmen and sophomores in his school (the juniors and seniors took a different test). I'm quite proud of him.

Tomorrow is a busy day. The kids have to be at their coach's house at 5am to start doing hair and makeup for the double competition tomorrow. I'm getting up at 6am (yay for Alicia driving so I don't have to take them, lol), so I can be ready for 7 when another team mom is coming over so we can make breakfast for the kids. Then I have to run out to Michaels to pick up a couple props they've added to the routine, and we head out at 11am for the two competitions. They're at different high schools in the same city, with the second awards starting at 8:30pm. That should get us home around 10, so we can pack for leaving for Vegas the following morning.

It's going to be a very long day.

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