Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

So. Stressed.

So the washing machine is kaput. The element we thought was the issue was definitely broken, but so was the transmission and a water valve, putting the total damage to getting it fixed to over $600. On top of that, he couldn't even guarantee the work because it's an eight-year-old machine and if something happened to the tub while he was fixing it, there was no way to repair that as it's out of date. We need to get a new one, but I'm not comfortable buying one without seeing it in person first, and I want Craig with me when I make the decision because he thinks of different questions to ask than I do. Since he's in Barcelona right now, it has to wait until he gets back. We've decided to take a morning or two next week in Vegas to look at the big stores to find a model I like so we can then get online to order it. Hopefully for delivery when we get home, but we'll see.

In the meantime, my friend L let me go to her house this morning to do a couple loads for the kids. It's an insanely busy week for us, made more so since I'm on my own. In addition to their usual evening winter guard practices, our exchange student is giving multiple presentations on Germany tomorrow morning at one of the elementary schools, Alicia has a major band concert Wednesday night, and Alex has a dentist appointment on Thursday afternoon. We'll come home from that last to visitors who are coming for dinner. Then, on Saturday, the kids have two different winter guard competitions. The last awards ceremony--which we have to stick around for because it's Alicia's turn to be the representative there--doesn't even start until 8:30pm which means we won't be home until 10pm. And we leave the following morning at 7am to drive to Vegas.

My house is currently a disaster. At some point in the next thirty-six hours, I need to find time to make it presentable for guests. Our friend wants us to meet her boyfriend for the first time, so it's kind of a big deal. I get the feeling he's the one for her.
It exhausts me just thinking about it.

Oh, and did I mention I got a set of first edits today on a novel? Luckily, she liked the book, though she doesn't the title is appropriate so I have to reconsider that. She thinks it comes across as more sinister than the characters and story suggests, which I don't see, but it's a concern since she does. Plus, I have three books to read by the end of the month for a contest. I think I have time to get it all done. Fingers crossed

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