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Battenberg cake

One of my favorite British treats that I miss the most is battenberg cake. For my American friends, it's basically an almond sponge cake, with jam between layers, that gets wrapped in marzipan. This is what it looks like:

They're very pretty, small, and oh so yummy.

When Alicia and I realized that we were making a traditional English roast dinner today, I remarked that we should have an English dessert, too. A battenberg was the first we agreed upon, but the thing of it is, neither one of us has ever made one before. So we decided to give it a go.

Since it was our first attempt working with marzipan this way, we decided to forego the checkerboard effect. We used blackcurrant jam between the layers, but the recipe in Craig's old cookbook (the one his nan gave him ages ago dated from 1962) sucks at instructions. It just said roll it in the marzipan and trim it up, but it was impossible to get a really right roll on it. From what I googled afterward, a lot of people put jam on the outside of the cake, too, so the marzipan has something to adhere to. We're going to try that next time.

Still, it didn't turn out half bad. And oh my god, it tasted delicious.

Alicia and I have decided to start making stuff from Craig's old cookbook on a regular basis. We use it for a couple things already, but Alicia really wants to have more of those recipes under her belt before she moves off to college. We'll definitely be doing this again, though. And I'll do the checkerboard effect next time. It was so worth it.
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