Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I feel like I'm barely holding it all together. My professional life is overwhelmed with stuff that needs to happen, most of which will be late. I've been killing myself trying to get Thanksgiving ready--entertaining/feeding 13 people for 4 solid days. I had to take a break from writing fanfic because of the professional stuff I need to get done, which makes me feel like crap because I don't want to look like I'm not going to get my Spuffy story done again not to mention I haven't even been able to start my Merlin Holidays story which is due in a week.

And then there's all the election shit. Every day is something else that makes me wish I was anywhere but here. I'm in a red section of California and it's frustrating as hell to hear so many local people denouncing those of us who hate Trump and what he's normalizing and the threat of what his administration will do to so many people.

I'm eating to self-medicate, which isn't good at all and I know it.

I have no time for anything for myself. Craig offered to send me for a pedicure and facial the other day to help me destress and I turned him down because the prospect of losing three hours to something that would only put me further behind on other obligations made me anxious.

My FIL arrives tomorrow from the UK. If he brings up Trump, I'm going to lose it. He's going to say something like how on earth could we have elected someone like that here, and I'll explode on him because he voted for Brexit. He's against all the immigrants and how they're hurting the UK economy, which was his primary reason for voting for it, but if I dare to bring up the similarities between those who voted for Brexit and those who voted for Trump, it's going to be a miserable three months.

I'm whining. I know. But it just builds and build and builds and there's no place else for me to put it.

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