Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

One of those years...

I just want 2016 to be over. What an awful, sucky year.

I'm thisclose to canceling a double date tomorrow because I'm angry/upset with the female half of the other couple. I talked to her yesterday--in what I thought was confidence--about something a mean girl said to Alicia, mostly because I knew her daughter had problems with the mean girl too and she'd be a sympathetic ear. I just needed to get it off my chest.

She turned around and told her daughter, who then went to the friend who'd witnessed the exchange (whose mother had been the one to tell me) and demanded to know what was going on. The other friend turned on his mom, who then called me and told me what happened. It was all a mess. And ugly. And I was furious that what I thought was between two adults got tossed back into the teenage ring, and even more furious that I didn't see it coming and said anything to her in the first place.

She apologized profusely but doesn't think she really did anything wrong, telling me I should've been clearer with her. Which is ridiculous because she only hears what she wants to hear sometimes and has been known to blame me for not telling her things other people have communicated multiple times (seriously, she never reads emails or checks our parents' band group so doesn't find out about things until it's too late and then gets mad at me for not keeping her up to date; I am not her damn secretary).

All of this on top of the news about my aunt's breast cancer, dealing with family, trying to get writing done (I have my Spuffy story I'm working on, a 55k short novel due on 12/1 that only has its outline done, edits for a different novel, and another set of line edits that I got today), keeping up with the kids' schedules (currently comprised of band/color guard/election canvassing/leadership/basketball/college testing), two different fundraisers for band boosters, a guitar recital in a month (though it looks like now there's a scheduling conflict with that), the annual Christmas basket/gift program for my hometown, and just feeding and clothing my family since nobody else will do it.

Then there's the election. Which makes me want to cry.

Stick a fork in me. Please.

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