Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Alicia passed her driving test today! On one hand, it's such a relief that she's going to be able to help in getting to her different activities. On the other, I don't want to think of my baby out there on the road with crazy drivers. It won't be right away, either. Craig has to get her added to the insurance, but that's not going to happen until after he gets back from his business trip Saturday night.

Oh, right. He's leaving for another trip early tomorrow morning. Three days gone. It'll just be me and the kids for that time period.

We missed watching the debate tonight. I forgot to set it up to record in time. From the sound of it, I didn't miss much except to hopefully put the final nail in Trump's coffin. I just want this whole election over. It's been awful from start to finish, but the worst part is, I don't think things will improve soon. Trump's campaign has cut open the ugly underbelly of everything that is wrong with America and made it all right to be openly misogynistic, racist, and violent. These are not people who will go quietly into the night. I also hate that I'm so disappointed in so many people I know because of their choices during this campaign. It kills me how selfish I find them because they refuse to look at the bigger picture, that somehow their needs are more important than the needs of the many. I've rarely let a difference in politics get in the way of friendships (it always shocks some of my liberal friends that I have so many Republican friends and that half of my family is Republican as well), but this year has been different. I don't want to judge them because they're buying into lies or voting third party as an act of rebellion, but I seem to be doing it anyway. It makes me question how I can be friends with someone who could be so willfully ignorant or selfish.

The hardest part? Even though California is pretty firmly for Hillary, my town has a TON of Trump supporters. I had to listen to local people go on and on about Killary and how Trump is what this nation needs for way too long after the debate tonight. It's not surprising. These are the same people who refuse to pay the necessary taxes to get proper fire coverage for our area, leaving us woefully uncovered. I have to listen to them scream about how all the "libtards" are trying to steal their guns and repeal the 2nd amendment just because some of us advocate for stronger gun control mandates.

I like California in a lot of ways, but sometimes, I really hope both of my kids go to college in New England. Then I'll have an excuse to move back east. :P

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