Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Not a bad week, considering

What a week.

A good part of my week was spent running teenagers around. Craig was in Seattle for work, so it was all on me. Alex had color guard practice three nights this week, our exchange student had tennis every day as well as a party tonight, and then there was Alicia. On top of her band stuff (three days this week) and STEM meeting (one day), she has a new internship with a local(ish) candidate for State Assembly. She had that three days this week. She takes her driving test next Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed she passes.

Craig's home, but tomorrow we're all in Santa Cruz for a massive band review competition. On Sunday, Alicia has to work on the campaign in a town that's near where we used to live, and I'd told our exchange student I'd take her to the mall over there while Alicia was working, but I'm considering seeing if I can beg off and stay home to work. I need the time. I have so much to do.

There were two bright spots of news this week, though. This morning, Craig got a call from Universal saying they'd matched a wallet with my lost and found report, so they are mailing it back to me. Craig didn't ask whether or not my driver's license was in it. At this point, since I already have my replacement bank cards, that's the only thing I'm desperate to find in it.

The other bright spot? Craig's boss went straight to the CEO about me working for them, and she has no problem with it. It's about 85% settled at this point, which is kind of nice, though it's going to mean more juggling with my time again, lol. The money will be a bonus, though. And having something recent on my resume is always good.

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