Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The week + TV

Where did this week go?

Alicia ended up being home for two days, but on Tuesday at lunchtime, Alex called me from school saying he didn't feel well, too. I kept him home for two days with a fever and the same stomach problems (though not as severe, thank goodness), but both kids seem to be good now. I don't seem to be getting a full-blown version of it. I've got minor cold symptoms, but those are manageable and I think more likely to be caused by poor sleeping and eating habits from the past week.

I got other work done in the middle of all that, like a completed set of edits (though I got another set back to me today) and another chapter of my M/A fic, "Let's Get Personal," posted. I signed up for a word war and gave myself an insane goal of 10k for four days, of which I've managed to get 1.6k done so far. To be fair, I never really thought I was going to hit it (even though I have two more days to go). I just wanted a high bar to shoot for to push myself.

Tomorrow is another busy day. It's the first of three marching competitions, which means I'm up at 6am to get Alex over to his coach's house to get ready. Craig is with Alicia, helping to move instruments and then get the kids ready for the actual competition. I may or may not have to go. I won't know until after I get to Alex's coach's house. This is our first year with color guard so I have no idea what the standard practice is. Regardless, I have to take our exchange student out afterward to get groceries for a project for her Spanish III class. I'm going to need Sunday as a day of rest, lol.

On the plus side, Alicia and I did watch some new TV this week.

Gotham: Still enjoying it, though I hate the kids. I watch for the bad guys mostly. And Harvey.
The Good Place: It wasn't quite what we expected, but we laughed out loud in a couple places so we're sticking with it for the time being.
This Is Us: We LOVED this. I didn't see the end coming, which made it all the better. Plus, I love that they've got a plus-sized female lead. Okay, all the talk about her losing weight was a bit much, but who of us can't relate to that? Plus, Justin Hartley was adorable. And Milo Ventimiglia. And it gave me all the feels, plus some laughs.
Designated Survivor: Craig and I are giving this one more episode. So far, we're not that impressed. It's too heavy-handed, but maybe that improves.
Blindspot: I did not realize Luke Mitchell was going to be on this season. I love him. And it kills me how torn up Jane is about everything. She's so screwed. And how adorable are Patterson and Borden together? I hated that they killed David last season, but maybe Borden can make her happy.
How to Get Away with Murder: My favorite trashy TV. God, I love this show. And I love even more that Conrad Ricamora is now a regular. Have you heard him sing? God. Love him.

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