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Fingers crossed

Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes. Alex has gone 4 hours without vomiting, so here's hoping we're past the worst of it. He's a little sprightlier than he was this morning, though that could be due to his sleeping on me for a good part of this afternoon. Mommy is taking a long, hot shower as soon as Daddy gets home. ;)

Speaking of Daddy...he forwarded me an e-mail that he got from someone in the CA office. I've never met this guy (and I'm not sure Craig knows him well outside of their conference calls), but Pete (the CA guy) wrote to tell Craig that "I know moving is a huge thing, not just physically moving stuff, but also getting situated, family hooked in to the community, kids freaking out over the massive changes in their lives. I wanted to offer to help you and your family out in any way we can..." He's married with a young family as well; in fact, his daughter is Alicia's age.

The generosity of people I've never met continues to amaze and surprise me. I love having my faith in humankind reinforced this way. :)

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