Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Catching up

Well, crap. It's September already. How on earth did that happen?

First up for Merlin peeps...sign-ups opened today for merlin_holidays. Unlike previous years, there is no cap on the number of people who can sign up for it, AND you have a whole week to actually sign up. I already did mine. I've done it for the last couple years and loved every second of it (my Mergana story from last year, Black Doves, still haunts me; I really should write a follow-up some time).

We had a quiet Labor Day weekend. My big project was for me and Alex. We organized all of our board games and created a spreadsheet to inventory them. Then I ended up going out and buying a few more today, lol. Oops. The final number was bigger than I expected. 117. And that's not each game individually. We rolled extension packs into the main game when we play with them altogether. I don't want to think about what that number would be with those pulled out, lol. But the spreadsheet allows us to filter by number of players and time to play, which will help when we're trying to figure out what to play. And for those times when nobody can decide on a game, we added a random function. Yes, we're a couple of geeks. And loved every second of it. :)

Our exchange student is adjusting well. She made the tennis team and has had either a match or practice after school every day. I barely see her during the week, lol. She's starting to adjust to the amount of homework, too, though she frets over her grades not being perfect. She's got 5 As and 2 Bs (her 8th class is as a TA), and the Bs bother her. She's not used to them. But they're in calculus and American History, so I'm trying to reassure her that they're great considering she's having to learn American math processes and has had no exposure to a lot of the historical facts most American kids take for granted. She's not really listening to me. I guess that makes her a typical teenager, lol.

For the first time, Alex's grades have higher letter values than Alicia. He's got straight As, with 3 A+s so far, while Alicia has a B in her AP Calculus course. It's weighted more heavily than a straight class so it balances out to be the same, but I stressed to Alex how proud I am of him. I always suspected he'd thrive when he got to high school--he's blowing his math and engineering courses out of the water, those are his A+ grades. It's nice to know I was right. :)

He's also joined the color guard (the flag corps that performs with the marching band). He didn't have room to keep band in his schedule, and he said it sounded like fun. I'm a little chuffed he stepped outside his comfort zone, and he claims to be really enjoying it. I think he loves being the most flexible one in the group. All the girls are jealous of how limber he is. And at least he's not the only boy, though there are only two in the squad.

Meanwhile, Alicia is killing it. She's busy as hell--Homecoming is in under two weeks and she's uber busy helping her class plan and get ready for it--which unfortunately means she's coming increasingly familiar with the fact that a lot of people just don't have her work ethic. Or her best friend's, for that matter. They're having to cover the work for others who aren't pulling their weight, and it frustrates them.'s far too late, so I should probably sign off. I'm going to try and be better about updating. Even if it's only a little thing.

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