Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Interrogation meme

OK, I'm awake for a few minutes because Alex wouldn't sleep, and I saw everyone else doing this, so I'm being a sheep, too:

Gakked from just about everyone on my flist (which means you're probably tired of seeing it):

Ask me THREE questions. Three, no more, no less. I will answer them as truthfully as possible.

Copy and paste the same challenge in your own journal so that all your friends (including me) can interrogate you.

I'll answer everything when I get up for real in 3 hours.

Oh, and James is shaving his head?!? This from the man who says he has the largest head in Hollywood? OK, solves the problem of getting rid of the blond hair right away, I suppose, and not really an issue in getting work because he's got the whole tour of Europe in May, giving him plenty of time to start growing it back, it OK that I'm frightened as hell to know what he's going to look like? Yes, call me Miss Shallow. It's 4am here, I'm tired...
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