Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Only one week left

Both of my kids are officially registered for high school now. All I have to do at this point is get our exchange student registered early next week--hopefully on Monday, since that's the first day of school--and we'll be all set.

Alicia's schedule is tough. She has four AP classes, but three band classes to help counter that. I had more than one parent express concern for her today when we were talking about it, but honestly, I'm not too worried. Alicia thrives under pressure, and both she and Alex see education as something to be taken advantage of, not avoided. Craig spent a lot of time talking to the principal today--she really likes him, though I tease him it's just the accent that gets to her, lol--and she kept referring to our kids as "special cases." Which makes me both sad and annoyed. Sad that they're working so hard just to make sure most kids graduate that accelerated kids are seen as the exception, and annoyed because wanting the most education you can get shouldn't be considered "special."

I'm looking forward to having our routine back. Life will be busy, sure, but the fact of the matter is, I miss the structure and predictability. Only one more week before I get it back!

In unrelated news, my cousin's wife had their third child earlier this week. We'd been debating names for it when we were visiting in Michigan a couple weeks ago, but nothing was decided. This is my very progressive, wants to live off the grid cousin whose oldest daughter is named Luighseath--pronounced Lucy--and his son is named Phineas--with an unofficial middle name of Strawberry Five. They actually picked a really pretty name for the baby. Cosette Estelle. I just cringe thinking of how many Les Miz comments she's going to get her whole life. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they just call her Cosie, to be honest.

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