Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

People suck

The world makes me sad today. I had to unfollow old high school friends who think anyone looking for gun reform is a hypocrite and stealing all their rights, my community turned their nose up at yet another attempt to raise money to improve local fire stations, and then Brexit happened.

I'm sick and tired of how selfish this world has become. We're governed by fear, acting out of ignorance and hatred, and putting our personal desires above the needs of the many. It's a plague, and it feels like it's spreading. It's been fueled by the transparency cast upon those in power who've abused the systems for their own gains with a thousand other factors thrown into the mix. The same nativism that made Brexit occur is alive and well here in the US, and the divide is growing deeper between those of us who want a better world for tomorrow and those others who are more interested in their personal worlds of right now. It's terrifying to think about where it could all go to.

All of Craig and my jokes about moving to the UK if Trump gets elected have now had to shift. Now, we're thinking Canada. At the very least, it's a huge ass country and we can hide from the rest of the ugly world if it comes down to it. ;)

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