Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

In spite of all my efforts last night, I have not been asleep for over 24 hours. This cold is kicking my ass. Deep congestion has settled in along with frog voice, and nothing I could do last night could get me into a place of sleep. No meds, no position, nothing. Around 4am, my stomach started grumbling like crazy because all I've had in the past two days is a bowl of cereal and two cheese sticks, so I gave up sticking it out in my bedroom and came downstairs to force-feed myself another bowl of cereal. I just don't feel hungry, but at least I'm not nauseous about it. The grumbling is just annoying.

I don't have high hopes for today. My brain is starting to get foggy, which makes work impossible, and nothing is making me tired enough to get past the uncomfortableness of the cold to sleep. For now, I'll just curl up and read. Even if it doesn't make me sleepy, at least it'll mean knocking another book of my TBR.

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