Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

People are dumb

Today was voting here in California, and while I'm good with many of the early results (I'll admit I voted for Bernie, but I have zero problem supporting Hillary), I'm saddened that a local measure looks like it's going to fail. It's to provide our town with a new library, an endeavor we've publicly supported and even put a sign up in our yard about. Our current library is a travesty. Rather than in its own space, the library currently resides in 300 sq. ft. of our high school. It moved there in 1999, with a temporary lease of five years, and lacks many modern necessities. When it started, our town was less than 10k. Now, it's almost 40k and growing incredibly fast.

And our bid to correct this, to bring our town into the 21st century, is about to die. Because people in this community are selfish and don't want to pay taxes for basic services. They say stupid crap like libraries are meaningless in this day and age and all kids have phones anyway.

You think I'd know better than to be surprised. These are the same idiots who vetoed the tax that would've made it possible to keep our fire stations open. End result there? Two of our five stations were closed, and now our resources are stretched so thin, the entire community is at risk. The five couldn't really cover the growing area. Their selfishness and lack of foresight made it even worse.

What makes it worse is that the same people who are bitching about the library are now saying, "We need to pay for a fire department before we bother with a library." Which they already said no to!!!

Arg. Sometimes I really hate people.

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