Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

How is it June already?

I can't believe it's June already. I well and truly can't.

The past couple days have been busy. Monday was my 17th wedding anniversary, but it was a pretty low-key kind of day. Craig and I are actually celebrating on Saturday by going into San Francisco to see Carol Burnett in the evening, so Monday was a family day. It's also the last week of school, which means a ton of activities for the kids and more running around for me. I ended up crashing last night. At 6:30, I laid down to rest a teeny bit, then didn't wake up for three hours. Too late to go to the gym and completely ruined other plans for getting much done. Even worse, I couldn't fall back asleep for the night until 1:30 am.

I've finished S1 of Buffy and started S2. There's a lot I like about S2, but this first episode is not part of it. Moody/shutting everybody out Buffy is never one of my favorite versions of her, but it feels like we always seem to get her at the start of each season. Well, not S4 and S5, but the rest of them at least. Part of what I love about her and the show is the ensemble and how they are as a team. That's the dynamic I love best.

In my Buffy merch organizing, I found my comics. I'm not generally talking about the post show stuff (though I have a couple, I think), but rather those that came out while the show was still on. I'll have to find a list online to see how complete the collection is. I feel like a bad Buffy fan for having zero interest in season 8 stuff and beyond, though, especially since Spuffy comes back for a while.

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