Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Maybe I can still write long fics

Many thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts about my mom. She's doing better, thank goodness. The drugs seem to have made the pain more manageable, though she's not a fan of the Cymbalta and how it makes her feel spacey. She has another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, and we've all impressed upon her that she needs to bring up the option of physical therapy or a chiropractor or risk us calling her doctor ourselves. Fingers crossed she actually does what she's told.

I had a weekend mostly to myself. Craig took the kids to Maker Faire, while I stayed home. I treated myself to a spa pedicure today and a little bit of shopping, and yesterday, I decided to start a Buffy rewatch. It's been four years since I tried it the last time, and I didn't get through S5 then, but that was when I was trying to watch it with a friend who had just had a baby. As soon as the baby started getting more in control (and remains in control to this day; at age four, she rules that house, it's a little sad), our watching got dropped. Anyway, I got through the first six episodes of S1 yesterday. No commentary, mostly because it's my least favorite season and I'd rather not watch it at all, but it's not a thorough rewatch without it.

On the other hand, I actually got a bunny from "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date." I can't remember the last time I had a Buffy bunny. Of course, I've been away from the fandom for so long I have no idea if anyone has ever played with Owen as a character, and it's been so long since I watched, I can't remember if Owen is ever mentioned again, either. If anyone out there has information about either question, please feel free to throw it at me. I'm not sure if it'll end up affecting anything, because the more I think about it, the more interested I get in it. Who knew?

On top of that, the most recent prompt at camelot_drabble had us looking at the donate-a-prompt post for our theme this week, and lo and behold, a prompt jumped out at me that I've been dying to do for ages. As a long fic. *headthunk* So now I have a long Merlin fic bunny idea, too.

I'm seeing all of this as my muse's way of screaming at me, "It's time to write again, dummy!" I've been editing for the last six months, with only a few fic pieces along the way.

Including my story for camelotremix The reveal was yesterday, and I wrote a story called Faithfully. It was a remix of violeteyedhair's Gaius/Uther story, An Honor to Serve You. She'd specifically marked it as one she was most interested in seeing remixed, so how could I resist?
Tags: buffy, fic, merlin

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