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Books update - 2016

I've been remiss about updating the list of books I've read this year so far, mostly because I haven't really enjoyed or been blown away by most of what I'm choosing to read so far. But I'm going to update it now, even if it's embarrassing I'm only at 17 for 2016.

7. Cold Light of Day by Toni Anderson: The third book in the romantic suspense series I was reading. The daughter of a man arrested as a Russian spy gets caught trying to bug the Russian embassy to find out the truth about who set her dad up, then falls for the agent assigned to protect her. Not bad, though I didn't like it as much as I did the first two. The geeky heroine alternated between stupid and smart which was frustrating. - C
8. Cold Fear by Toni Anderson: The fourth book of the romantic suspense series. A cold case of a serial killer gets ignited again. I disliked the plot on this one - it felt insanely overdone - but this was probably the hottest book of the series so far. I guess it balances out. - C+
9. Cold in the Shadows by Toni Anderson: The fifth book. A CIA agent has to track down the assassin who killed the VP, who he thinks is a geeky biologist who works in Colombia. Needless to say, he's wrong. This broke the formula quite a bit from the earlier books, and while the plot engaged me more than the last two, the hero is a surfer type I never clicked with. - C+
10. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green: 19 y/o Colin only dates girls named Katherine, but he can't figure out why he's always getting dumped. I only read/finished this because Alicia wanted me to, and frankly, I hated it. By far, the weakest of all the books I've read by this guy. Trite, not funny, and more than a little annoying. - F
11. No Rest for the Witches: An anthology of witch/magic novellas by an assortment of authors. I bought this for Lori Handeland's story, which was the one story I actually enjoyed. I'd hoped to discover a new to me author, but I wasn't impressed enough by any of the others to bother. - D+
12. Book of Legal Stuff by Joanne O'Sullivan - A research book about esoteric legal laws. Nothing earth-shattering. - C-
13. Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor - A far-future, post holocaust African magical fantasy that left me absolutely flabbergasted by the end. I loved this author's voice, I loved how it felt like a continuation of oral tradition in written form, and I loved the difficult characters. It's not perfect - the ending is problematic and the violence gets to be a bit much - but it's easily one of the best books I've read so far this year. - B+
14. Out of Eden by Beth Ciotta - Contemporary romance about a shoe store owner in a small town and the newly back to town police chief who also happens to be her big brother's best friend and the object of her youthful first love. It wasn't nearly as funny as it thought it was, and the mobster subplot was pure stereotype. Mild chemistry between the leads, though, even if I didn't care for the heroine very much. - C-
15. The Kid by Dan Savage - The story of how Dan and Terry came to adopt their son. I've listened to Savage Love for years, and while I don't agree with Dan on everything, I respected him enough to try this. Seriously, if this had been my first introduction to Dan, I never would've bothered with his column/podcast. He comes off as such a narcissistic asshole in the first third of the book, and his reasoning for adopting is so ridiculous, I would've given up. It only improved marginally, but man, I'm glad I didn't have this as my yardstick for the man. - D+
16. The Iron Heart by Leslie Dicken - Steampunk romance about a young woman who vows to catch her cousin's killer and the inventor/noble who keeps getting in her way. Another one I barely finished. I keep wanting steampunk to be something more than what I get, and most of the books I read don't come close. She was dumb, and the mystery was predictable. - D
17. Across the Universe by Beth Revis - On a spaceship destined to settle on a distant planet, 17 y/o Amy gets brought out of her cryogenic state almost fifty years too early, to discover a ship inhabited by a society she doesn't recognize and someone determined to murder its frozen passengers. Easy to read and engaging enough for me to finish, but there's an unnecessary almost rape in the middle of the book, and the science misses more than it hits. I'm curious enough about what happens next to read the next book in the series, though. - C+
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