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30-day Challenge - Day 19

I'm skipping some of the next few days on the 30 day challenge meme. Someone I fancy? I just posted celebrity crushes, which leaves Craig and that's obvious. What would I do on my last day? Spend it with my family. Probably on a boat because that would make them happy. What do I want to be when I get older? Alive is trite, and I'm already doing a lot of what I want. TV show I'm addicted to? Meh. Nothing right now that I can't live without. There are shows that I obsess when they're on, like Black Sails, but on the hiatus, that has ebbed.

Which gets me to day 19.

Day 19: A list of all the places you've lived at.

It's a long list. With duplicates. I've moved a *lot* in my life, and I don't even have a military family to blame it on. This is from birth. Each new number is a move. This does not include multiple addresses in the same city unless they weren't concurrent.

1. Alma, Michigan.
2. Phoenix, Arizona
3. Flint, Michigan
4. Phoenix, Arizona
5. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
6. Rosebush, Michigan
7. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
8. Ypsilanti, Michigan
9. Carson City, Michigan
10. Ypsilanti, Michigan
11. Ann Arbor, Michigan
12. Green Bay, Wisconsin
13. Ann Arbor, Michigan
14. Winter Park, Florida
15. Annapolis, Maryland
16. Bethlehem, PA
17. Corringham, Essex, UK
18. South Ockendon, Essex
19. Laindon, Essex
20. Wivenhoe, Essex
21. Colchester, Essex
22. Foster City, California
23. Castro Valley, California
24. Oakley, California

Like I said, not all my addresses. #11 has three addresses, #13 has two, and #16 has two. I have had serious permanence issues throughout my life. Before Craig and I moved to Castro Valley in 2005, the longest I'd ever lived at a single address was twenty months. We lasted four years in CV, and we've been here in Oakley since 2009. I love my house to pieces, and the thought of uprooting the kids at this stage makes me a little anxious, but seriously, I am not kidding Craig when I say I want to go back to the UK if Trump gets into office.
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