Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I don't mean to keep disappearing

Ack. I didn't mean to disappear again. It was just a busy weekend followed by a busy week and it feels like I'm not stopping any time soon. We just got back from a festival at the high school where Alex could walk around and see what kind of clubs and activities are available next year when he starts. Last night, it was an early Mother's Day dinner because Craig has work stuff he should concentrate on, on Sunday. And it goes on and on.

The worst part of it is I think I'm getting sick again. My throat and ears started hurting today. I really don't need this right now. Especially in light of all the recent political stuff. I just want this election process over. I'm terrified of worst case scenarios, and I'm tired of all the venom getting spewed from every corner. I've always known there was an ugly underbelly to this nation, but the sheer selfishness that's been on display completely derails my faith in humanity.

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