Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

30-day Challenge - Day 9


Day 9: Pet peeves

Like others have noted, there's some overlap here with dislikes, but I can come up with a few peeves without much effort. That probably doesn't say very good things about me, lol.

The first five peeves I can think of...

1. Spelling errors in signs or on professional documents. Or even worse, in a teacher's classroom. It happens way too often.
2. Arguments that the Oxford comma isn't important.
3. Toilet rolls that roll from underneath instead of over.
4. Drivers who speed up in a lane that needs to merge, then cut in, rather than do the polite thing and merge when the rest of it do it.
5. Anyone or anything that doesn't disregard articles when alphabetizing.

Somehow, I'm not actually surprised that three of the first five things I thought of were grammar related.
Tags: 30-day challenge meme

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