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30-day Challenge - Day 2


Day 2: 10 likes & dislikes

Let's do likes first, shall we? It's always better to think about the good stuff. And these are going behind cuts because this got long, lol.

1. Books. I've been a voracious reader since I was four, which turned into a closet obsession when I got into kindergarten. My kindergarten teacher caught me in the corner reading a Dr. Seuss book, and when she didn't believe that I was actually reading, forced me to stand in the front of the class with a different book to try and get me to admit I'd been lying. I read it aloud to them and then got punished anyway by having free time taken away from me because I'd sneaked off to read instead of whatever it was the rest of the class had been doing. Thus sparked my lifelong preference to read alone in small, safe spaces, as well as a stifling paranoia about getting asked to do something in front of a group without any preparation.
2. Cooking. I love to cook. And bake. It doesn't always turn out well, but I love it anyway.
3. Mountains. While I'm married to someone who loves the water, it's the hills that call to me.
4. Acting in live theater. This might seem at odds with my shyness and hatred of impromptu speaking, but it's not. It's about becoming somebody else with all the words already at my fingertips. I didn't have to be me. I had dreams of becoming an actress when I was in college, with a lot of support from friends and teachers, but after my abusive first husband convinced me it would be a waste of time so I switched over to film. Craig got me back into doing community theater when we were single and living in Pennsylvania, but I haven't had much chance to do it ever since becoming a mom. I still dream about that changing.
5. Gentle giants. I married one the second time around. :)
6. Christmas. I adore it. My favorite holiday, hands down.
7. Scotland. I once told Craig it was the only cold weather place I could imagine settling down. I love it there.
8. Spreadsheets. I'm obsessively organized. I have spreadsheets for everything.
9. Shoes. Ohmigod, I love shoes. I don't get to wear a lot of cute things since I had foot surgery three years ago, so now I settle on cute boots, flats, and tennis shoes to satisfy the urge.
10. Movies. I thought about saying movie musicals, or classic movies, or something else, but I realized that would be excluding too much of what I love. I just love movies.

1. Confrontation. I will do almost anything to avoid it.
2. Anyone who forces their beliefs on others. While I'm a liberal secular humanist, I have zero problem with others' beliefs, as long as they don't infringe on the rights/beliefs of others.
3. Jane Austen. I don't get it. I never have. I know I'm in a minority.
4. Exercise. I hate it. I've been doing it in my quest for better health, but I loathe every minute of it. I just look at it like a pill I have to take. Though I do like that I can read on the elliptical.
5. Tofu. I have tried eating it in so many variations, and have yet to find a way that makes it worth it.
6. Grating sounds, like sharpening knives or scraping ice off cars.
7. James Franco. It's irrational. I know. But the guy annoys the crap out of me.
8. Being late. I am compulsively early for everything.
9. Discrimination in any form.
10. Parents who abandon their kids.
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