Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Change is in the air

I got no writing done today. Instead, I got wrapped up in something completely different.

This morning, I noticed a post on our local library's Facebook page from the area coordinator of the international exchange student program, looking for more families. And all of a sudden, it sounded like the best idea ever. It satisfies so many urges, and enigmaticblues seems to have had such a positive experience with it, I couldn't resist. Plus, as soon as I mentioned the possibility to Alicia, she went ballistic with excitement.

So I contacted the coordinator, got the link for the application, and had it all done by 4pm. Before I'd even finished submitting the photos of the house, the coordinator had gone through our application and sent me a couple profiles to look over. We pretty much fell in love with one, a 15 y/o girl from Germany. The coordinator put her in pending placement for us on the spot, even though we still have to go through the background/reference checks and the home interview/tour. Frankly, those should all be gimmes. We don't have any skeletons, we're active in the community, and we're financially secure.

That doesn't mean we're counting ourselves in, even though it's hard not to be so uber excited about it all. Anything could happen, really. But fingers crossed it all goes as well as we hope it well. The checks should be done by the end of the weekend, but we can't schedule the interview/tour until next weekend at the earliest because Craig leaves for Seattle on Sunday for a week. Then it's spring break for us.

I have a lot of cleaning to do in preparation of that tour, lol. I took a picture of the guest bedroom that would be for the exchange student, but what the picture doesn't show is all the stuff I've been storing in the closet. I'll have to get that all out and make the room more kid-friendly. It's currently called the Buffy room because it houses all my Buffy memorabilia. Including my huge statue of Spike, and three of the puppets. They'll have to find a new temporary home.

I'm still excited. :)

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